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We listen, question and evaluate with an open mind -- and then work to develop effective and holistic strategies for PR, marketing and creative communications campaigns that spark cultural relevance. 


Our team understands the importance of thinking on our feet and being non-traditional when necessary, while still balancing practical implications & staying on strategy. 

LHC designs all marketing plans and communications campaigns with the intention of driving awareness, strengthening sales, and overcoming brand barriers. 


  • At LHC, we work to re-frame conversations and manage key messages to protect our clients’ reputations, while also proactively vetting opportunities to shift and transform the narrative in positive ways.

  • We have long-lasting relationships with the media and have earned the trust of editors and producers to maximize editorial coverage. 

  • Our team’s network includes macro- and micro-influencers across lifestyles to create integrated marketing campaigns and partnerships that expand reach on social, and also through live experiences including VR/AR activations.

  • As event experts, we work closely with our clients to create one-of-a-kind experiences and facilitate partnerships that capture attention, bringing brands to life. 

  • And as creatives, we champion the intersection where art direction and design meet strategy, ensuring our creative direction always supports the client’s bottom line.

At LHC, we are passionate about bringing our clients’ vision to life, establishing a positive and collaborative culture, making well-informed decisions amid tough choices, and balancing logic with intuition to achieve lasting success. 

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