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Lauren Hurley Creative is a marketing, PR and creative consultancy, representing established and emerging brands, high-profile individuals and execs, networks  and productions, actors and entertainers, musicians, designers and artists.


Based in Los Angeles, LHC launches and

revitalizes brands across automotive, entertainment, technology, fashion/beauty, sports, music, design and the visual arts. 


LHC specializes in communications strategy, brand and product marketing, entertainment marketing, talent publicity, and artist development. We re-launch established brands, and position emerging brands for success, by cultivating image-enhancing opportunities to ensure they stay relevant. 


Lauren Hurley Creative works with clients to define a winning strategy, craft a compelling story, and engage with the right audiences and partners to spark conversation. 

LHC clients, partners and networks include: 

  • Entertainment, technology, sports, automotive and luxury lifestyle brands

  • Executives, entrepreneurs and high-profile individuals 

  • Entertainment properties and productions 

  • Actors, comedians and personalities 

  • Beauty brands, fashion designers, musicians and visual artists 

  • Athletes, models and influencers

  • Events and tours 

  • Nonprofit and philanthropic organizations  

  • Design projects and installations

  • Government agencies and special projects 


LHC works collaboratively with clients to carve out a unique position, develop bold messaging, and share their identity with the world.

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