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Lauren Hurley Creative designs specialized, results-driven campaigns that highlight the one-of-a-kind characteristics of every project. LHC understands that each creative artist and project needs a clever, dedicated team to help amplify their story and champion their accomplishments. 


LHC leverages relationships with media, executives and industry leaders to create awareness, excitement and engagement.


Services include: 

Strategic Counsel

  • Evaluating opportunities, identifying strategies and developing tactics across industry, influencer and consumer audiences 

  • Vetting and securing new opportunities to design the optimal marketing mix for each individual project’s goals


Media Relations 

  • Leading media strategy and PR counsel for productions and entertainment properties 

  • Designing targeted and tailored publicity campaigns across audiences and media verticals



  • As either the sole producer, or as a consultant, LHC delivers red carpet press, creative design and consultation, logistics, guest invitations, location scouting and more


Festival Marketing & PR 

  • Delivering full-service festival support, including communications planning and outreach, media relations, and opinion-leader meetings and briefings

LHC showcases every project’s unique story, characteristics and qualities to highlight our clients’ brilliant achievements. Our esteemed clients include networks, production companies, and individual special projects.