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The Met Gala Fashion. Who Did it Best?

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

While there are many star-studded celebrity red carpet affairs every year, the most talked about and anticipated is The Met Gala. The Met Gala is a charitable event that takes place the first week of May (this year was an exception due to COVID-19) at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Over the years, The Met Gala has become a prestigious, invite-only event where the A-list celebrities try to one-up each other with bold, avant-garde looks based on the theme of the Gala. At the Met Gala, fashion boundaries are pushed to their limits.

The theme of the 2021 Met Gala was “America”. Some people took this theme literally, others most certainly did not. Jennifer Lopez was one of the A-listers who took the theme at face value. Lopez, dressed by Ralph Lauren, showed up in a brown gown, embroidered with what seem to be tire tracks, a fur shawl, a belt choker, and finished the look with a cowboy hat. Her outfit screamed old western America. She absolutely nailed the theme and looked flawless as always.

Billie Eilish approached the theme completely differently, but just as elegantly. She arrived in an Oscar De La Renta blush gown with a long, full train. The layers-on-layers of tulle, off-the-shoulder gown, accompanied by the Maralyn Monroe style hair, took everyone back to 1950s Hollywood. This look was breathtaking and successfully embodied the American theme.

While some celebrities completely nailed their looks, others left people confused and somewhat disturbed. One of the tackiest looks of the night was unfortunately worn by the beautiful Camila Cabello. Her Michael Kors purple sequined dress paired with a feather boa looked as though it was purchased at Party City. She was trying to achieve a 1970s flapper look, but very much missed the mark. The dress looked cheap and was outshined by many other beautiful ensembles that graced the red carpet on Monday.

Kim Kardashian showed up in an all-black look that covered her from head to toe, including her entire face. Many people were taken aback by Kardashian’s choice because she has been known for rocking many amazing looks at The Met Gala in the past. Some people thought the look had something to do with Kanye West’s new album while others were just baffled altogether. Either way, if Kardashian’s goal was to draw attention to herself, she certainly succeeded.

Another Met Gala has passed and it most definitely did not disappoint. While the most talked-about day in the fashion world is over, it left us with plenty to discuss and dissect. Now it’s time for everyone to start planning for next year.

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